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History3 months ago

Padmavati – The Real Story

The movie Padmavati has become the center of a controversy with some groups protesting its release. These groups have protested against...

Conflicts3 months ago

History of Kurds and Iraqi Kurdistan

Last month 93% of Iraqi Kurds voted in favour of independence from Iraq. The referendum has been rejected by the...

Conflicts3 months ago

Catalonia Independence Referendum 2017 Explained

Located in the North-Eastern part of the country, Catalonia is one of Spain’s richest and most developed regions with a...

History3 months ago

The Vietnam War

This is a tale of an ideological war that left Millions dead, the bloodstains of which remain to this day....

Conflicts3 months ago

Rohingya Crisis in Myanmar Explained

Termed as a classical example of ethnic cleansing, the Rohingya are fleeing Myanmar amidst a crackdown by the Army. Who...

History3 months ago

History of Spain

How did Spain – A dry, barren and impoverished land that lacked most natural advantages grow into one of the...

Politics3 months ago

America’s Complicated Confederate History

In June 2015, Dylan Roof a 21 year old, gunned down nine African-Americans during Bible study in Charleston, South Carolina....

Conflicts3 months ago

The South China Sea Explained

The deep waters of the South China Sea have been in turmoil for decades with numerous nations staking their claim...

Originals7 months ago

What is Brexit and Article 50?

On June 2016, the Prime Minister David Cameron called out to all citizens in the UK to cast their vote. ...

Originals7 months ago

How Powerfull is the President of United States – Donald Trump’s Executive Order

Creating huge waves his first week in office, Donald Trump has signed an executive order barring individuals of 7 nations...