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When You Give up on a Mystery – Flight MH370



Hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 is called off nearly three years after the plane mysteriously disappeared. It was travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, carrying 227 passengers and 12 crew members. Where is flight MH370? Our rendition of events since the disappearance.

00:42 – Flight takes off from Kuala Lampur

1:19:30 – Last contact with the pilot

1:21 – MH370 disappears from primary radar; secondary radar is also used but is unable to locate the aircraft. On the request of air traffic the captain of another Aircraft established contact with FLIGHT 370, but heard only EERIE “Mumbling and static”

1:30 – 1:35 – Military radar is then used, and is able to track the plane. It showed Flight 370 had changed course completely.

2:22 – Final sighting through military radar.

2:25 –  The aircraft’s satellite communication system suddenly responds to an hourly communication request.

6:30 – MH370 scheduled to land at Beijing but does not

7:24 – Malaysian Airlines issued a statement that they have lost contact with the aircraft

08:10 – The hourly communication from 370 is received one last time

9:15 – The aircraft did not respond to a status request and all is silent…

There was no distress signal sent out by the crew indicating technical problems. Neither was there any indication of bad weather on that day. This disappearance prompted a multinational search, the most expensive and widespread in aviation history. A few pieces of debris, believed likely to have come from the aircraft, were found by the locals washed up on beaches along the east coast of Africa and the island of Madagascar. Indicating that the aircraft crashed somewhere in the Southern Indian Ocean.

Families of those on board have criticized the authorities for calling off the search and have urged them to reconsider and have taken to the streets in protest, demanding authorities to expand the radius of the search instead of giving up.

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Padmavati – The Real Story




The movie Padmavati has become the center of a controversy with some groups protesting its release. These groups have protested against cultural insensitivity and distortion of history and have even threatened the filmmakers with violence.

During the 12th century kingdoms in India were under a wave of raids from Muslim armies of Central Asia. Muhammad Ghori, began a systematic war of expansion into northern India. He sought an Islamic kingdom of his own. After his death, Qutb al-Din Aibak a slave succeeded him and established the Delhi Sultanate. This dynasty was known as the Mamluk or slave dynasty. The last ruler of this dynasty was assassinated by the Turko Afghan, Jalaluddin Khilji, a war hardened veteran who had fought numerous battles against earlier Mughal invasions. The Khalji dynasty was established and a new era of conquests began. After the death of his brother, Jalaluddin helped raise his brother’s son Allaudin. Allaudin was appointed governor of Kara and married to Sultan Jalaluddin’s daughter. In 1292, he requested the Sultans permission to attack Bhilsa and managed to bring back large loot to Delhi. As a result Jalaluddin appointed him Minister of War. While at Bhilsa, he heard of the enormous wealth of Devagiri and made up his mind to invade the Kingdom and this time plotted something even bigger. He did not inform the Sultan of his plans and returned from Devagiri carrying untold wealth more than any prior ruler of Delhi. In a well plotted move he invited his Uncle Jalaluddin to come visit him unarmed. Trusting as he was the Sultan did as he was asked. When he arrived at Allaudins camp he was assassinated and his head chopped off.

Anyone Ala ud-Din suspected of being a threat to this power was killed along with the women and children of that family. He was known for his cruelty and the atrocities committed against the kingdoms he defeated in battle. He was ruthless and unforgiving.

Among his spoils included one of the largest known diamonds in human history, the Koh-i-noor. In 1303 he reached the gates of Chittor.

A poem called the Padmavat was written in 1540 more than 200 years after the siege of Chittor, by the Sufi poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi. Most historians dismiss it as a work of fiction while some consider certain parts to be true.  The movie Padmavati is believed to be based on this poem.

In the poem, Padmavati is the daughter of Gandharvsen, King of Singhal and the most beautiful woman of her time. She is close friends with a talking parrot called Hiraman who possesses immense knowledge. The King resents the closeness and orders the parrot to be killed. The parrot learns of this and flies off, leaving Padmavati in tears. He is later captured by a bird catcher and sold to the King of Chittor, Ratan Sen who is impressed by the wisdom possed by the parrot. Hiraman cannot stop praising the beauty of Padmavati the King is smitten by what he hears. Against the wishes of his wife Nagmati, he embarks on a journey to Singhal along with 16000 of his followers, in hopes of marrying Padmavati. He wins her heart and the two get married. He returns to Chittor with his new wife. In Chittor, a powerful sorcerer by the name of Raghav Chetan misuses his magic to deceive the king. The King soon finds out about this and banishes him. Raghav arrives at Delhi and gains an audience with the Sultan Allaudin Khilji. He speaks to the sultan about Padmavati’s beauty and Allaudin is enraptured. He marches his army to Chittor and demands Padmavati be handed over to him. Ratan Sen refuses and offers a tribute instead. Allaudin however is very cunning and manages to take Ratan Sen as prisoner.  During this time, Devpal , the ruler of a neighboring kingdom sends an emissary to ask for Padmavatis hand in marriage. She declines, waiting for the return of her husband. In disguise, the Rajput warriors of Chittor go to Delhi and manage to free Ratan Sen suffering huge losses in the process. When Ratan Sen returns to Chitoor, Padmavati narrates the insult she faced while he was away. Angered by this, he challenges Devpal to a duel which ends in both Kings killing each other. Meanwhile Allauddin had reached the gates of Chittor. To avoid being taken prisoner and to preserve their honor, the women of the fort including Padmavati and Nagmati set themselves ablaze. When Allaudin enters, he is faced with an empty fortress, cheated of his victory.

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