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History1 year ago

Padmavati – The Real Story

The movie Padmavati has become the center of a controversy with some groups protesting its release. These groups have protested against...

History1 year ago

The Vietnam War

This is a tale of an ideological war that left Millions dead, the bloodstains of which remain to this day....

History1 year ago

History of Spain

How did Spain – A dry, barren and impoverished land that lacked most natural advantages grow into one of the...

Conflicts1 year ago

The South China Sea Explained

The deep waters of the South China Sea have been in turmoil for decades with numerous nations staking their claim...

Originals2 years ago

The Rise of Robots and Automation in Japan

Did you know that there are more vending machines in Japan as compared to anywhere else in the world; about...

Conflicts2 years ago

A Brief on Cyprus Conflict

The Longest-Serving UN peacekeeping force now wishes to pull out of Cyprus but can it do so? So far all...

History2 years ago

Cold War Stories – The Berlin Wall

The story of one of the most enduring symbols of the Cold War – The Berlin Wall.  Let’s go back...

History2 years ago

History of Latvia – The Baltic way

Why did people of three countries join their hands in a human chain spanning over 600 kms? Understand the story...

Conflicts2 years ago

Syria Crisis – Everything Until Now (2011- 2017)

What is going on in Syria? How did it start? Syria became an independent republic in 1946 and since then...

Conflicts2 years ago

The Senkaku/Diaoyu Island Dispute – A Ticking Time Bomb

Why are China, Japan, Taiwan and United States fighting it out in the East China Sea?